Arizona is home to many diverse climates and ecological habitats.  These peaks can be found just one hour away from Saguaro Cactus with over 12,000 feet of elevation change between the two. From the desert to the snow find the perfect fit for your type of run.

We offer 1 to 6 day running adventures. Arizona has so many beautiful places to run and explore. We want to help you see these amazing places and take care of all the details for you.  

Running the San Francisco Peaks.

Havasupi Falls.


All inclusive running trips

We will take care of hotel, food, transportation. You will get your own Nathan Hydration pack while we take you to run the beautiful places we know best. 

We will take you to the slick rock of Sedona then a chance to run the Grand Canyon. We can take you to the little known Havasupai Falls or explore the Aspen groves around the San Francisco peaks.